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Vox Amp Parts

RETURN AND SATISFACTION POLICIES: In these policies the rights and obligations of both North Coast Music and its customers regarding returns, exchanges and refunds are clearly stated in simple language. The return and satisfaction policies stated below will apply to all items purchased at North Coast Music. You will be required to check a box prior to finalizing your order that indicates that you have reviewed and accepted the policies stated in these terms. These policies are not subject to modification or exception after purchase. It is suggested that you read these policies carefully prior to purchase.

Returns: Most products come with a 48 hour inspection period that begins with the date and hour the item is delivered. During that period, you many return the merchandise to NCM (North Coast Music) if not satisfied, for a full refund, less all actual freight costs incurred. Notify us by email that you wish to return the item within this 48 hour period and we will give you specific return instructions and an RMA number. No returns will be accepted without this RMA number or after the 48 hour period is completed. To be eligible for a refund, the product must be returned undamaged, unmodified, in new condition, in all original packaging, freight prepaid, and fully insured. The customer shall assume all risk for loss or damage while the product is in return transit to North Coast Music. The warranty card must be returned with the product. Once the warranty card for a product purchased at North Coast Music has been written upon (even if erased) or has been registered with the manufacturer for warranty, the product is no longer eligible for any refund whatsoever. There are some items that are excluded, please see those return exclusions below. Due to the significant merchant costs of credit card fees, we impose a 15% restocking fee (minimum of $5.00) plus all freight charges on unauthorized returns, refused shipments or orders placed and then canceled prior to shipment.

As North Coast Music primarily sells professional instruments, we do not extend the 48 hour inspection period to accommodate returns on "surprise" holiday or birthday gift giving.

International Shipments: In an effort to provide the least expensive international shipping costs, most international shipments are completed using First Class Mail service from the United States Postal Service (USPS). No insurance is offered or available for packages sent by First Class Mail.

You will be emailed USPS tracking information for your shipment which will show acceptance into the USPS system. After departing the US, your country may or may not provide tracking all the way to your address but most packages will deliver in 7 to 14 days. In rare cases some packages have taken as much as 30 - 60 days to deliver. Infrequently a shipment may be delayed by customs, misdirected or lost. Neither the USPS nor North Coast Music will be held financially responsible for any delays or loss. You must address any delivery issues that arise with your country's postal system. Upon delivery your country may require payment of import duties and taxes.

North Coast Music does not provide a return, exchange or refund privilege on items shipped outside of the United States or charged on a credit card that does not have a US billing address.

Shortages and Cosmetic Defects:
All claims for shortages or reports of cosmetic defects must be reported to NCM within 48 hours of delivery, so please carefully inspect your shipment immediately upon arrival. North Coast Music will not any accept or adjust claims against shortages, cosmetic issues, blemishes, or finish issues on guitars, amps, or parts after the first 48 hours of ownership have passed.

Shipping Costs: The customer pays all shipping costs to and from North Coast Music on returned items, excepting those items that North Coast Music determines to be defective. Please read the "Defective Merchandise" clause of the Returns and Satisfaction Policies for more information regarding shipping costs on defective items.

Some items offered for sale in the NCM web site offer free or partially subsidized shipping. If returned, the customer is responsible to reimburse NCM for our actual and total shipment costs plus you must prepay the return freight charges.

Defective Merchandise:
For the first 10 days of ownership, NCM will first determine if there a simple fix (like changing a tube in an amp) that might correct the problem, and supply the needed parts to you at no cost. If this does not correct the defect to your satisfaction, NCM will either pick up and replace the item free of charge or pick the item up and provide a full refund to the customer - whichever option NCM elects. After ten days, all claims for defective merchandise will be remedied by referal to the manufacturer's warranty service centers. No refunds will be issued or exchanges accepted after these ten days have passed.

Damaged Shipments: When your merchandise arrives, inspect the package closely for damage before you sign the shipper's paperwork. If necessary, you may ask the shipper to wait while you unpack and inspect your merchandise. If damaged, you may either refuse the package and have it sent back to North Coast Music, or if you decide to accept the package, you should indicate, in writing, that the package was delivered with some shipping damage before signing the shipper's paperwork.

Return Exclusions: We do not accept returns, give refunds, or exchanges in any circumstance for the following, as also noted in the online sales descriptions of these items: Vinyl, grill cloth, pipings, and moldings. Electronic repair parts (including, but not limited to transistors, transformers, switches, reverb pans, guitar pickups, potentiometers, pilot lamp assemblies, etc), complete amp foot switches, guitar and bass strings, repair schematics, speakers and speaker repair parts. Amp covers and road cases. Items shipped outside of the United States. Vox licensed speaker enclosures made by NCM.

Consequential Damages: North Coast Music will not be held responsible for consequential damages, including loss of profit or revenue from the failure of a product sold by North Coast Music to perform as expected.

Errors and Omissions: North Coast Music makes every effort to ensure that the product prices in our web sites are correct. Nonetheless, it is possible that an occasional mistake in pricing could happen due to human error. North Coast Music will not be obligated to honor such pricing errors.

If we determine that you were charged more than the intended price of an item, we will fill your order and refund your credit card for the overcharge. If the sale involves an item we have inadvertantly underpriced, we will inform you of the pricing error, and if you wish, cancel the order and refund your entire purchase price.

Special Order Amps: Special order amps (including amps that have a cosmetic modification or baltic birch baffle upgrade installed by North Coast Music) have a restocking fee if canceled or returned for refund. A restocking fee is necessary as these amps were specially built or modified by North Coast Music per the customer's order. The item description in the online NCM web offering for such items or the product description on your receipt will indicate if your purchase is a special order item. The following restocking fees, plus shipping costs both to the customer and back to North Coast Music, apply on return of these amps within the 48 hour inspection period.

These restocking fees do not apply to defective items exchanged in kind within the first ten days of ownership, as noted in the "Defective Merchandise" statement above.

AC30HW2-V64 amps with NCM 1964 style enclosure option1 $150 plus all shipping
AC30HWH-V64 amp head $75 plus all shipping
AC30HWH-V64 amp head with NCM AC-30V64 speaker enclosure1 $150 plus all shipping
AC15C1 w/ Baltic Birch Baffle and Celestion Alnico Blue Speaker Upgrades1 $175 plus all shipping
AC30C2 w/North Coast Music Baltic Birch Cabinet $150 plus all shipping
AC30CH or AC15CH Heads with Black Vox Grill Installed by North Coast Music $75 plus all shipping

Additional notes:

1 - Celestion or "Black Dog" Speakers installed by North Coast Music are covered by the same ninety day warranty offered by Vox on their amplifiers. Warranty service during these ninety days will be performed by North Coast Music. Speakers that have been physically abused or have burned voice coils are not warrantable.

2 - Once the warranty card for a product purchased at North Coast Music has been registered with the manufacturer it is no longer eligible for a return.

3. If this amp needs warranty repair, Vox may choose to do a complete exchange rather than repair your amp. If this exchange is done through a local Vox warranty center, the exchanged amp will be provided with the standard factory grill. If you wish to keep the NCM brown Vox grill option, you will need to ship the defective amp back to North Coast Music. We will exchange the chassis under warranty within the warranty period. The customer is responsible to pay all shipping charges, both to and from North Coast Music.

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