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Vox Amp Parts

International Shipping
Orders destined for delivery outside of the United States are sent by USPS First Class Mail. Please click here to be informed about our policies, limitations and expected delivery time on international shipping prior to placing an order.

Vox Licensed Cabinets by North Coast Music

North Coast Music closed our cabinet shop and sold all of the woodworking equipment used to make them in 2019. All of the remaining cabinets have been liquidated. None remain, including used, damaged or scratch and dent models.

North Coast Music recommends Mather Cab (mathercab.com) for high quality cabinet reproductions.

Trolleys and Stands for Vox Amplifiers
North Coast Music sold the trolley and amp stand division of our business to Aaron Householder of Recording Services and Supply of Salina KS in 2019. To date, Recording Services has only produced rigid amp stands for AC-15 and AC-30 amplifiers. Please direct all questions about stands and trolleys to Aaron.

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