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Vox Amp Parts

International Shipping
Orders destined for delivery outside of the United States are generally sent fully insured by USPS First Class Mail using the "Reverb Safe Shipping" system. Please click here to be informed about our policies, limitations and expected delivery time on international shipping prior to placing an order. Due to continued issues with lost packages and failed deliveries, we no longer accept orders destined for Italy, Mexico or Brazil, without exception.

Hand Wheels, Swivel Mounts and Casters for Vox Trolleys

JMI Style Chrome Hand Wheel
Vox Hand Wheel for Swivel Trolleys - DISCONTINUED - North Coast Music will no longer be producing or offering Vox hand wheels due to the high cost of production and low customer interest. I have none left whatsoever. I can offer no suggestions who might have any as we actually own the tooling to make these.

Threaded Chrome Cabinet Plate

Threaded Chrome Plated Cabinet Plate - Chrome plated steel swivel mount for Vox trolleys. 3" diameter steel mounting plate wth a ~2" x ⅜-16 bolt. Screws to mount to cabinet are not included.

Price: $27.50 USD each
US Shipping/Handling: Free

Part #: NCM-061

Click here to purchase a swivel mount for Vox trolleys from the North Coast Music Reverb store

Handwheel Friction Washer
NCM-146 (sold in pairs)

Hand Wheel Friction Washers - Set of Two - These ~3" x ~1/32" phenolic washers are installed between the back side of the hand wheel and the front side of the trolley swivel cup. It helps lock the cabinet in the correct position. 3/8" hole in center of washer.

Price: $7.49 USD - set of two
US Shipping/Handling: $3.99
Part #: NCM-146

Click here to purchase hand wheel friction washers from the North Coast Music Reverb store


Plastic Caster Inserts (set of four) - These are the caster inserts provided with the bases of the Vox trolleys manufactured by North Coast Music. These inserts are designed to pound into tubing that has an inside diameter of 3/4" (0.75'). These should be an acceptable subsitiute for the original style metal caster inserts shown above. Please check the inside diameter of the stand tubing in your Vox trolley prior to ordering to confirm these will fit properly.

Price: $18.95 USD per set
US Shipping/Handling: Free
Part #: NCM-470

Click here to purchase a set of caster inserts for US Vox trolleys from the North Coast Music Reverb store

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