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JMI Vox UL760 Hybrid Amp Head (1966)
Serial Number 1001, the First UL760 Amp Produced

Price: $4999.99 USD

The Vox UL760 was produced for just one year (1966) and is one of the most rare and collectible amps made by Vox. The UL760 was used by a number of the 60s era British Invasion groups, including the Rolling Stones. While the 60 watt Vox UL760 had a solid state, two channel preamp section, it's 60 watt output stage was powered by two massive KT88 output tubes and one ECC83 tube used as a phase inverter.

The problematic phono cartridge based spring reverb delay line in the UL760 has been replaced with a three spring Accutronics style Belton unit, yielding vastly improved reverb performance. However, the original Vox reverb pan that was removed from this amp is also included with the purchase should you prefer originality.

This is the very amp I featured in the Vox Showroom at the following links, read all about it there.
The amplifier is fully functional, having been recently fully serviced. This service included the replacement of a number of electrolytic capacitors that are critical to proper operation. The reverb, tremolo and fuzz circuits operate normally. The $4999 price includes a North Coast Music repro UL three button footswitch.

As this Vox UL760 head is in my personal amp collection, I am selling this amp personally, not through the store. Contact Gary at doctorvox@gmail.com if you have any further questions or wish to purchase this amplifier.

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