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Friends and Customers of North Coast Music

Some of our friends and customers not pictured include Joe Bonamasso, Imagine Dragons, Brian Ray of the Paul McCartney Band, the Grammy award winning band "Fun," Andy Babiuk, the "Beatles Love Show" at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, Oasis, Marshall Crenshaw, Roger McGuinn, Cheryl Crow, the late Ray Manzarek of the Doors, Tom Petty, Jennifer Batten, the late Drake Levin from the original Paul Revere and the Raiders, Mitch Colby of Vox and Park Amplifiers, Justin Harrison from Music Ground in Doncaster UK, Jim Rhoads of Rhoads Music, Brent Magnano of Music Oasis, among many others.

At left is a picture of REO Speedwagon in sound check for the Queen Latifah TV Show. They are performing live with a back line of Super Beatle cabinets and trolleys they purhased at North Coast Music. Lead guitarist Dave Amato is a life long Vox enthusiast and friend of North Coast Music.

Lead vocalist Kevin Cronin purchased a modern hand wired AC-30 from North Coast Music as well.

Cheap Trick bassist Tom Petersson turned to North Coast Music when he needed a Vox AC-100 speaker cab, trolley and head. This AC-100 amp was featured in the "Sgt Pepper's" concert tribute that Cheap Trick performed in Las Vegas.

Here is a picture of Tom's instrument collection, including the Vox AC-100 amp from North Coast Music.

Even former members of the Beatles shop at North Coast Music!

Pete Best has been touring the world with his "Best of the Beatles" show. Part of the performance is a musical and part is conversational.

Pete's band uses two T-100 cabs, manufactured by North Coast Music under license to Vox UK, along with the North Coast Music T-100 chrome trolley to complete that early "Beatle" look.

Such great hits from Paul Revere and the Raiders as "Just Like Me," "Kicks," "Hungry," "Good Thing," and "Him or Me (What's it Gonna Be)" featured Phil "Fang" Volk on bass guitar and vocals.

Phil very generously gave his original Vox Phantom Bass to the Seattle "Experience Music" museum. When Phil told North Coast Music that he missed his old bass, we stepped up and built two Vox basses to his specifications. The picture at left shows these basses. Phil is at left and Gary Hahlbeck, "Doctorvox" and owner of North Coast Music is at right.

Phil curently uses one of the two basses, Gary owns the second.

The "Fab Faux" hail from New York City. Frank Agnello, guitarist with the "Fab Faux," purchased a left handed Gretsch 6122-62 from North Coast Music. Bassist Will Lee can be seen in this video playing his bass through a Vox T100 cabinet with trolley from North Coast Music.

The Fab Faux additionally features Jimmy Vivino of the Conan O'Brien band.

Do you remember the Animals hit from 1964, "The House of the Rising Sun?" The guitarist that played the legendary guitar intro to that song was the Animals original guitarist, the late Hilton Valentine. If you have a copy of the 1967 or 1968 US Vox product catalog, Hilton is on the cover. The Animals used Vox amps and organs exclusively.

When Hilton Valentine wanted to purchase a new Vox AC-30, he chose North Coast Music for his purchase. Thanks, Hilton!

See Hilton's website at www.hiltonvalentine.com for more pics, history, and schedule info on performances.

The late Doug Fieger, founder of "The Knack," was a frequent customer of North Coast Music. Doug wrote and sang all the famous Knack hits, such as "My Sharona" and "Good Girls Don't."

At left you can see "1964 - The Tribute" in one of their Carnegie Hall appearances. "1964 - The Tribute" is performing with a backline of Vox gear that they purchased from North Coast Music including a T100 bass cab and stand, two AC-100 speaker cabinets and stands plus three AC-100 head cabinets. This backline recrates the gear used by the Beatles in their legendary first Shea Stadium concert in New York City.

Steve Landes plays the part of John Lennon for "Rain," one of the most famous Beatles tribute bands in the world. Steve purchased an AC-30 from North Coast Music.

American English is another of the very best Beatle tribute bands in the US. Eric, the bassist, plays through two T-100 enclosures, manufactured by North Coast Music under license from Vox UK.

Eric purchased both his lefty Hofner Cavern Bass and V62 bass from North Coast. At left is Eric in the North Coast Music store taking delivery of his new V62 lefty.

Visit the American English website by clicking on www.americanenglishbeatles.com.

From the north shore area of Chicago comes BtitBeat, a Beatles tribute band featuring North Coast Music customer Chris Getsla on bass guitar. I have attended many Britbeat concerts and they are absolutely one of my favorite Beatles tributes. I recommend you see them!

Britbeat purchased a Hofner Cavern Bass, several Hofner V62 basses, a Hofner Contemporary Beatle Bass, a T.100 speaker cab, two AC-100 rigs, a RIC 325C64, a RIC 36012C63 and three AC-100 head cabinets for performance with BritBeat.

See their website at www.britbeat.com.

Liverpool Legends have been a summer institution in Branson Missouri for many years. Managed and produced by George Harrison's siseer Louise, their highly entertaining multi-media show has thrilled audiences since 2004.

Liverpool Legends purchased a T.60 bass cabinet and a AC-100 head cabinet from North Coast Music.

The Fab Four video taped one of their concerts for PBS and have demonstrated themselves as a premier Beatles tribute act.

If you watch the video offered at left, you will see the Fab Four pefrorm with two Vox Royal Guardsman cabinets and one T.100 cabinet with chrome swivel trolleys they purchased .at North Coast Music.

Here's Lenie Colacino from the cast of Beatlemania playing the left handed Hofner Club Bass that North Coast Music had specially made for him.

The Britins have been performing since 1977, making them the senior statesmen of Beatles tribute bands.

Members of the Britins have also purchased a T.100 bass cabinet with seivel trolley. an AC-100 head cabinet, an AC-30, an AD120VT, a Hofner bass and a Gretsch Tennesean from North Coast Coast Music.

See their website at www.thebritins.com for schedule info.

Tom Sorce local jazz artist performs in the Milwaukee area.His favorite players are Jim Hall,Wes Montgomery,Barney Kessel, and Kenny Burrel.He has recorded with the top local groups,and is in the studio doing some of his own recording.

Tom has purchased a Hofner Jazzica, Hofner Verythin guitar, and a Vox Valvetronix AD60VT from North Coast Music.

This is my good friend, Jessica Lui, who visited the North Coast Music store on August 1, 2006. Jessica is a big fan of Beatles tribute bands, including Rain, American English, Britbeat and her hometown heroes, the Britins.

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